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"Faith in a Faithful God"

Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness. We are told that Abraham not only believed, but grew strong in faith glorifying God while awaiting the promised son. What exactly did Abraham believe about God? What must we believe in order to grow strong in faith while we await the return of our Lord? As we follow the life of Abraham, the friend of God, we discover some precious insights into the life of faith that every Christian is called to. 

Before sin entered the universe the very concept of faith was foreign. Once God's love was questioned, however, faith became a way of life for all created beings. The fallen angels chose to believe without concrete evidence that God was self-seeking. The rest of the angelic host chose to believe, without conclusive evidence, God's word to be true and faithful. This is faith in its most basic form, it all comes down to what we choose to believe about the heart of God.

Genesis chapter 15 shares a wonderful dialogue between …

Media and The Heart of Sin

"Knowledge can never compensate for Surrender"
In recent years a flood of light has been shed upon the media and how effective a tool it has become to distract and indoctrinate God's people. There is no minimizing the paralyzing effect movies, video games, and demoralizing programming has had upon the minds of young and old. For many it has been   overwhelming to learn how intentional and deep of a snare modern media has become. Some for the love of entertainment have refused to acknowledge the danger, others have grown overly fascinated with just how black the darkness really is. How can we warn others of the dangers of particular forms of media while simultaneously holding high the cross of Christ? Simply informing people of the danger by uncovering the enemies designs is not enough. 
The use of fear to motivate action has its place, but it makes for a shallow foundation. When highlighting the dangers of music, movies, or video games great interest is often awakened. Man…

Weekly Devotional: "Trust Jesus as Lord"

When Mary and Joseph lost track of Jesus during the Passover in Jerusalem, a great anxiety gripped them. Besides the worry of parents they realized they had failed in their trust of guarding Israel's promised Messiah. Upon finding Jesus, however, Mary cast the blame of her negligence upon our Lord. With the meekness of a 12-year-old boy Jesus gently reminded Mary both of his identity and his mission. When we fail to see Jesus as both Savior and Lord we will like Mary be tempted to question him whenever he does something we don't understand. Mary believed in Jesus as the future Messiah, but she failed to realize that he was also the divine son of God. Next time we are tempted to doubt God, lets remember that as our Lord and Master, he has our eternal good in mind.