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Media and The Heart of Sin

"Knowledge can never compensate for Surrender"
In recent years a flood of light has been shed upon the media and how effective a tool it has become to distract and indoctrinate God's people. There is no minimizing the paralyzing effect movies, video games, and demoralizing programming has had upon the minds of young and old. For many it has been   overwhelming to learn how intentional and deep of a snare modern media has become. Some for the love of entertainment have refused to acknowledge the danger, others have grown overly fascinated with just how black the darkness really is. How can we warn others of the dangers of particular forms of media while simultaneously holding high the cross of Christ? Simply informing people of the danger by uncovering the enemies designs is not enough. 
The use of fear to motivate action has its place, but it makes for a shallow foundation. When highlighting the dangers of music, movies, or video games great interest is often awakened. Man…