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Is Christ Worth It?

“The Worth of Christ”
        Oskar grew up in a typical home. Son to a small business owner, he attended technical school as a young man only to be expelled before completing his studies for forging a report card. A high-school drop-out, Oskar was forced to work for his father until his marriage to the daughter of wealthy farmer. Moving in with his in-laws Oskar took several dead end jobs until finally enlisting in the military. For the next several years our young friend finally began to raise through the ranks of wealth and influence, however, his discontentment with life only grew and he began wasting his life upon alcohol, illicit relationships, and bad company. Thankfully, Oskar’s downward spiral was not to continue indefinitely for when confronted with a series of eye-opening experiences, his life’s course and purpose were forever changed. To find out how you’ll have to stay awake for the next 20 minutes.
        Turn in your Bibles with me to Philippians 3:8. The English Standar…

Christian Atheism?

Christian Atheism?

Key Illustration(watch first):

Most of the people reading this would not likely label themselves an atheist. Everyone reading this just the same struggles with seeing God for who He really is. The amount of faith we have in God is directly proportional to the picture we have of Him. The difficulty lies in truly knowing how it is we actually view God. What we might write on an essay about God is likely only a reflection of what we know Christians are suppose to believe about Him. The best gauge of our internal concept of God is how we live our lives. If I am impatient, easily irritated, and hot tempered, what does that reveal about my concept of God? Joyful loving Christians are the only ones who have really discovered who God is and what He is like. If we find it difficult to surrender all to God then it is because we don’t really know Him. Many Christians are upon more dangerous ground than the average atheist. It stands m…