A Better Way

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”
Isaiah 55:9 ESV

  In this journey of trusting God more, sin, as we typically define it, is not the most difficult thing to surrender. It is often more difficult to surrender control over our battle with sin. Even though, if we are honest, our efforts against sinful behavior have proven ineffective, as long as we are in charge of the struggle we maintain a degree of security.

As long as we are convinced that greater effort along the same lines we have worked for years will prove successful we will remain trapped. God has a relational solution to our sin that is foreign to us. Faith calls us to look up and behold the beauty of our creator and redeemer. We do this by daily opening our heart in conversation with him, by meditating on his promises, by wrapping our minds around a goodness beyond our wildest dreams.

We tend to be obsessed with our behavior and allow this focus to undermine the relationship. Behavior does not lie, however, relationship is a complete solution which works slowly from the inside out. Part of surrendering to God's ways which are higher than our ways and to his thoughts which are higher than our thoughts is to trust our redemption to him. God does not give us a timeline when a particular sinful behavior will lose all power over us, but what he does promise is that our relationship with him, if we give it pre-eminence, will continually be transforming us into his image.

What does it take to give our relationship with our Heavenly Father first place? It requires an honest understanding that the presence of sins to which we are in bondage to, partially or completely, will typically exist for a time even while we are fully committing ourselves to discovering God. Faith becomes an endurance exercise as we refuse to allow our brokenness to cause us to yield the fight of Seeking the Face of the one he declares his love for us. If we refuse to yield the fight and we persevere in the relationship it is only a matter of time until any particular besetting sin is consumed by the love of the Father.

God's ways are not our ways and redemption is more involved than we realize. We want results, but God wants results to follow wholeness. We fight from the outside in and our apparent successes ultimately end in miserable failure. God works from the inside out and does a thorough work in our hearts rewriting the very desires which drive us. Committing to knowing this God is a long term investment, an eternal one. Don't short circuit the process by allowing your apparent failure to halt your investment in a daily reaching out after him. God is not intimidated by your sin, he wants you to come to him hell or high water, only when we determine to do this will we experience genuine transformation and victory.

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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