A Hardened Heart

"... And you are clean, but not every one of you."”
John 13:10 ESV

A distinction was made between Judas and his fellow disciples at the last supper. He alone was declared to be unclean. Judas was unclean because love for Christ was not found in his heart. Jesus was never allowed to become more than a means to an end for him. In his heart of hearts Judas did not embrace Christ's invitation to fellowship and friendship.

Through their time with Jesus, the eleven had been deeply touched and humbled by their master's love. The same tenderness which bound the hearts of the 11 to Jesus eventually hardened the betrayer. Judas despised his master's humility and apparent inaction.

Inflated by pride and hardened to the possible implications of his actions Judas took it upon himself to force Christ's hand. He concluded that if Jesus would not take the throne and promote his disciples to positions of greatness, then Judas would bring the crisis to a head.

It was Judas' design to force Christ into a position where he would have to demonstrate divine power and by so doing win the allegiance of all Israel. All 12 of the disciples misunderstood Christ's mission, but Judas missed his master's heart as well. While the 11 were bound to Jesus for better or worse, Judas refused to accept a relationship with Jesus aside from the hope of material gain.

          We all have Judas' DNA coursing through our veins. There is only one force powerful enough to overcome our self-serving tendencies.  Through yielding to our savior's tender daily advances our hearts are changed. When we lay aside each day's pressing agenda to reflect on God's love and talk to him, we are undergoing transformation at the most fundamental level of our being.

          Judas beheld the wonderful mercy, wisdom, and power which characterized his master, yet he refused to surrender this life for the next. His hardening did not happen in a moment but over a lifetime of failing to invest in a relationship with his Heavenly Father. Hearts do not melt or harden in a day, may we invest our time wisely and give God the access he needs to bind our heart to his.

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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