Coming King

"When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy."
Matthew 2:10 KJV

There are people all over the earth looking for hope. People longing for something more in life, a better way. The Magi from the East were noble-hearted men, men who understood the world's need of a redeemer. Through their diligent search the Holy Spirit had revealed to them that the deliverer had arrived. Faithful to the light they were given they followed a star they believed to be moved by a Divine hand.

By this angelic star, God led the wise men to Jerusalem, the center of life for his chosen people. These sheep from another fold were astonished at the indifference they encountered from the religious leadership in Jerusalem. The very people from whom the world's redeemer had come were unaware and uninterested. The Wise men feared their brightest hopes and dreams were to be disappointed. But God never disappoints us when we search diligently for him.

Their great disappointment was overcome with Joy when they again spotted the star which led them to the Savior. Entering the humble home they saw Mary and the child who was more than a king. Upon beholding the child they fell prostrate in worship. These foreigners  recognized in that tiny face not only a Jewish messiah, but God's answer to the earth's greatest need.

Today mankind is awakening again to the coming of that same King. Noble-hearted "foreigners" are being faithful to the light they have been given and God is responding to their desire for him. When we contact such individuals may they find in us a resounding chord of eager anticipating for the appearing of our Lord.

We are uniquely situated to point others to the second advent of Christ. Our knowledge, however, regarding the manner of Jesus return holds no attraction if it is not enlightened by a living connection to the one returning. Unless we to are seeking the Messiah we will repeat the failure of the Jewish nation. Now is the time to whole heartedly engage the search. The humble babe, now a conquering king is coming, let's get ready.

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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