Communicating With God is a Learned Skill

“In you, LORD my God, I put my trust.”
Psalm 25:1 NIV

There is more to trusting God than one might think. The same elements which sustain a healthy marriage are needed for us to grow closer to God. At some point insightful couples realize they don't naturally posses all the knowledge and skills a thriving marriage requires. Anyone can say "I do" but it takes a willingness to learn to make a relationship successful. It takes time to build trust and intimacy in a marriage, it takes time to build trust and experience intimacy with God. Effective communication is a learned skill with one's spouse, should we expect anything different in our walk with the Lord? Simply stated, we reap whatever we invest in our relationships.

Most Christians are familiar with the idea that getting to know God is important. The nuts and bolts of this process, however, are often not made very clear. Commonly used metaphors further muddy the waters for new believers. ''Keep your eyes on Jesus," or "pray without ceasing" sound great, but what do they actually mean? It is even worse for those who have grown up in the church. Those who are most familiar with all the lingo take for granted that they know what it means. These same individuals get really confused when they start seeking God for themselves. We can do better in teaching others what trusting God looks like. At the same time some things can only be understood through first hand experience.

Growing up in church can teach us about God, just like growing up in a loving home can teach us something about marriage. Ultimately, however, marriage is what teaches us about marriage. The same is true about a relationship with our Heavenly Father. The education starts when we begin seeking him in earnest for ourselves. The lingo and concepts we once only had a theoretical knowledge of become real as we learn to trust God firsthand. Committing ourselves to God means committing ourselves to the process. The process of relationship.

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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