Faith Comes by Hearing

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
Romans 10:17 NKJV

In recent months we have established that faith is a choice, an action of the will. We have also discovered that willpower alone is incapable of growing our confidence in God. Only a glimpse into the heart of God can fuel our faith. This is why faith comes by hearing the word of God. Only God’s word gives us an undefiled picture of God’s heart of infinite love.

This is why Satan has worked so hard to draw men away from studying the word. Our world is full of false pictures of God’s character. Truth be told our own minds daily wrestle with false conceptions of our heavenly father. Subjects of a fallen world and born with fallen natures we are naturally inclined to wrong ideas of God. Aiding our natural inclinations the enemy inundates us with twisted world views which paint God as harsh, irrelevant, or simply non-existent.

Regardless of what messages the enemy spins they all boil down to a few common characteristics. They all lead us to rely on man made systems for hope and deliverance. Every man made religion from Islam to atheism relies on the works of men. Satan’s great lie that God was selfish and could not be trusted took root in the hearts of men and angels. Instead of resting in God’s care, all were encouraged to trust in their own greatness.

Appealing to our pride the enemy seeks to exhilarate us with our potential apart from God. He inflates us with our accomplishments, or crushes us with our failures, either way our eyes remain fixed on self where there is no hope. Scripture instead reveals that help comes to the weak, poor, and needy. Those who are content to wait upon the Lord and who rejoice in His coming reject satan’s lies and have come to terms with their own frailty. Honestly allowing God to reveal to us how inadequate and helpless we are inspires us to reach out in faith toward Him.

The very difficulties which sometimes cause us to fume against our maker are the same areas where salvation stands nearest to deliver. God can only save the lost and hurting. If temporary pain might work an eternal weight of glory, God’s love compels Him to allow life’s storms to break upon us.

While there are no conditions to God’s love, love itself necessitates conditions to realizing its benefit. Unlike satan, God is in no way coercive. He never employs force to accomplish compliance. He ever stands at the door of the heart knocking, but will never force open the door. God does not compel us with anything but love. He appeals to us to taste and see that he is good, but He never forces such a revelation upon anyone.

Experiencing the power of God in our lives requires one thing and one thing only, faith. When we exercise faith we give our almighty all-loving savior permission to provide above and beyond what we could possible ask or imagine.

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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