First Dreams First

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalm 37:4 NIV

Not all of our hopes and dreams can become reality. Not every hope and dream we have should become reality. There is only one hope and dream that must become reality. You can survive not hitting every professional goal you set, you may even survive not hitting every fitness goal you set, but you can't survive failing to love well.

Life demands prioritization. Even as we grow up we sometimes still cling to dreams that, while possible, aren't responsible. The desire to succeed and excel is important, but it is essential our definition of success aligns with God's definition. The only way to learn to love well is to discover how well we are loved. We don't seek God first so that we can achieve success, seeking God first is success. This side of heaven there may be some dreams we need to lay aside not because they are bad but because they limit our ability to invest in our ultimate dream.

The more satisfied we become in Christ the easier it is to let go of dreams we once thought we could not live without. God wants nothing more than to fulfill our dreams and grant us the very desires of our heart. Yet our hearts are easily confused and distracted. Many are completely unaware that the desire for God even exists in their heart, yet this desire lies at the very core. As we seek God he uncovers desires within us that we could never have imagined were there. At some point our journey to discover him is driven less by cold determination alone and more by a determined heart which longs for nothing more than to be with Him.

If we refuse to allow a dream to die that deep down we know must, we are keeping ourselves from something infinitely better. Many actually achieve such dreams yet look back on the price they paid to do so and wish they could retrace their steps. If you Seek Jesus first and allow him to craft your dreams, uncover your passions, and satisfy your soul, you will look back on every step you have taken with gratitude regardless the cost.

Start Seeking,
Pastor Andrew

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