How do we see God?

“"Be still, and know that I am God..."” Psalms 46:10 ESV

          Everyone struggles with seeing God for who he really is. The amount of faith we have in God is directly proportional to the picture we have of him. The difficulty lies in truly knowing how it is we actually view God. What we might write in an essay about him is likely only a reflection of what we know Christians are suppose to believe.

          Many Christians are upon more dangerous ground than the average atheist. To be operating unknowingly on a false picture of God is more damaging than to openly reject God based on limited information.

          How we live our lives is the most accurate indicator of what our internal concept of God is. If we are impatient, easily irritated, and hot tempered, what does that reveal about our concept of God? Joyful loving Christians are the only ones who have really discovered what He is like.

          We cannot afford to assume that just because we have been baptized and raised in church that we know God. If we find it difficult to trust God then it is because we don’t really know Him. If we do know him accurately we will ever be seeking out a deeper knowledge and a greater love for him.

          Most likely if you are reading this you at the very least are desiring something more. The fact that you are investing time in getting to know him reveals that your heart has already been impacted by God's love on some level. If you were absolutely convinced that God was not worth your time you wouldn't be here. So praise God that your journey has more than just begun.
Now give God time to continue walking out in your life what he is changing in your heart. Hang on until you can't let go.

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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