Means vs End

''But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.'' Matthew 6:33

With our natural eyesight we interpret such passages in a contractual way. We think the reason to seek God first is so that He will bless us, if we do our part He will do His. It is another way of attempting to earn God's favor. The above scripture implies nothing of the sort. Matthew 6:33 is not a formula for achieving earthly success. God is simply pledging himself to meet our needs so that we can be undivided in our pursuit of Him.

We must constantly remind ourselves that God is not a means to an end, He is the end itself. Jesus shed his blood for one purpose, to reconnect us to the source of life, joy, and peace...Himself. It seems strange and abstract at first, how could a single relationship meet all of our needs? Yet mystery of mysteries, knowing and being known by God does exactly that. If it is gratifying to be appreciated and understood by one's earthly family, imagine the peace that will grow from knowing that the creator of the universe loves, believes in, and desires your fellowship.

We have heard people say God loves us so many times that those words have nearly lost all meaning, but have you ever heard God say it to you Himself? If you continue seeking His face it is only a matter of time before His still small voice penetrates the noise. As your soul is quieted you will begin to hear the melody God has been singing over you since the day you were born.

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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