No Shame

“Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.”
Genesis 2:25 NIV

We have all had the terrifying dream of appearing in public less than fully clothed. It is humiliating to have our imperfections exposed. In their perfection, the emotion of shame was completely foreign to Adam and Eve. By the time Jesus came to earth, shame and condemnation utterly dominated the landscape.

Christ accomplished something many fail to appreciate when he conquered sin. Jesus made available to us the same righteousness Adam and Eve appreciated before they fell into sin. Some assume that Adam and Eve were perfect of their own accord before the fall and they only required Christ's righteousness after they lost their own. But scripture teaches that there is only one who is righteous. It is trust in God's perfect love which binds all intelligent beings to God's righteousness.

When Adam and Eve chose the other tree instead of the tree of life, they broke with their dependence on God and in so doing also disconnected themselves from the source of all life and goodness. As the reality of their decision settled in upon them so did the realization that they were naked and for the first time the emotion of shame filled them with horror. They had lost something that had only been theirs through their relationship with their creator.

Redemption is the reversal of the fall. When we we take hold of the promise by faith that there is truly no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus then we gain access to what was lost in Eden. Shame has so thoroughly educated us that wrapping our minds around the new reality Jesus life has made available to us requires a dramatic paradigm shift in our thinking. As we seek God day by day we are stepping into a completely different way of viewing God and ourselves. We are discovering that God is indeed good and we are valuable because we are precious to him.

We no longer have to identify with the shame of sin. Actions always follow identity, and as we choose to believe God's promise that we are His, we will begin acting like it. Our perception of God and ourselves is slow to change and so are the kinds of choices we make, but this is none of our concern. Our only concern is to Seek His Face and let him work out the rest.

Still Seeking,
Pastor Andrew

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