“Peter answered him, “We have left everything to follow you! What then will there be for us?””
Matthew 19:27 NIV

What a tender knowing look Jesus must have given Peter when he asked what they would get in return for giving up everything to follow him. Jesus wasn't offended that in their question they looked right past the very salvation of their souls sitting in their midst. Jesus didn't even rebuke them but rather responded in language they could understand.

Knowing they would not truly understand his words for some time, he stated that anyone who would sacrifice for him would receive a hundred-fold return on their investment. Of course Jesus also knew that as they discovered who He truly was and what it was he had come to do they would give no thought for possessions or in the end even their lives. But Jesus promise remains true. Eternity and the new earth are indeed more than a hundred-fold return on any sacrifice we can make in this life, yet the mansions of heaven were not what Jesus had in mind when he said this.

Perhaps the greatest shift in our thinking as redemption transforms our mind is what we perceive to be valuable. God and people grow exponentially in value and things simply fade into the background. In fact "houses and lands" lose all intrinsic attraction and simply become space where relationship happens. Jesus knows that stuff is important to us. He knows the here and now is nearly all we see when we first come to him so he is as tender with us as he was with the twelve.

So many of the lies which we unconsciously operate upon sound ridiculous when we actually verbalized them. We too wonder sometimes what we are going to get out of serving God. It may be embarrassing to admit that we at times are angry with God because we feel we are in danger of losing "stuff." There is no shame in facing the lies which drive us, upon this particular lie multitudes have turned away from Jesus. The only way we are ever going to overcome the lies which bring untold pain into our lives is to spend time in the presence of the truth. If we don't do this, then we are allowing the world to program our values leaving relationships to suffocate at the bottom of a whole lot of "stuff."

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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