We Fight By Faith

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.””
John 8:32 NIV

Sin and deception are inseparable. Lucifer's choice to believe a lie did not precede the first sin, it was the first sin. Selfish choices are the fruit of sin, but the heart of sin is choosing to believe the great lie that God is not good. Each day our most significant decision is what we are going to believe about our Father in Heaven. Gratefulness is the attitude of faith and entitlement the attitude of unbelief. If we choose to believe that God is worthy of our praise and that we can trust ourselves to his tender care we will engage our day with hope and thankfulness. If we choose to believe God is being negligent toward us then we will feel entitled to meet our own needs and satisfy our own desires at the expense of others.

Our fight is a fight of faith, a fight to believe what God says regardless of circumstance or feeling. When temptation to indulge sin tries to sweep us off our feet remember that it is riding a wave of deception. Those temptations which shake us are built upon lies which if uncovered would lose their power. When we fall into sin we need not become discouraged, our Heavenly Father is already waiting for us, ready to love us into the truth that will help us trust him better.

Many of the lies we believe are deeply rooted and not readily seen even as we persevere in our relationship with the Lord. Allow no struggle to shame you away from seeking God's presence. Spiritual victory does not grow from your willpower exerted against sin, but rather your willpower exerted to seek God in spite of your sin. This is faith, and it is how we fight.

Still Seeking His Face,
Pastor Andrew

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