All Three Angels Bear A Practical Message

"...worship him who made heaven and earth, the sea and the springs of water."”

Revelation 14:7 ESV

Sometimes it is difficult to see beyond our immediate struggle. Some may be wondering what difference do the messages of the three angel's make for those who are so bound by addiction and habitual sin that just surviving seems all-consuming? While it may be difficult to step back from one's own struggle, the messages of the three angels are calculated to break the chains of addiction and sin. 

The first angel declares the secret to victory, worship. The bondage of sin is the natural consequence of false worship. When we exercise our gift of faith and choose to give thanks and praise to the one who created us the darkness begins to break. The first angel declares the one worthy of our worship. The second angel declares that the power of darkness has been broken and we need not be controlled by it any longer. Finally the third angel reminds us of the fate of all who reject mercy's final appeal for salvation.

The three angel's fly throughout the earth for redemption's sake. They are not simply harbingers of doom, they bring one last opportunity for the masses to turn, look, and live. We are not only offered the precious trust of heralding these messages, we are first invited to respond to them ourselves. 

If you are so lost in sin that you fear redemption's final appeal is passing you by then these messages are for you! Even if you feel you are about to slip beneath probation's surface, begin turning your eyes, mind, and praise to your creator. The bondage of sin is fueled by faulty worship so we must start with the appeal of the first angel. Irregardless of how much or how often you fall into sin, determine to spend time talking to God and claiming the promises you find in his word. Learn to praise, thank, and declare God's goodness. Walk against the grain of confused and painful emotions long enough in this direction and the power of darkness will be broken! Remember the one who fights for you is infinitely stronger than the one who stands against you. 

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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