An Uplifted Savior

“And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.””

John 12:32 NIV

There are two mainstream pictures of God which are fundamentally flawed. Each of these concepts render genuine worship from the heart impossible. The most ancient is the idea that God is harsh, controlling, and exacting. The equally damaging but not quite as ancient picture of God, is the highly mystical all-accepting being which emanates warm fuzziness yet without any clear moral standard.

As men and women awaken spiritually, the eternally torturing deity which has been portrayed by mainstream Christianity for centuries is being abandoned. Desiring something more tangible and life impacting than what they received from "religion," multitudes are flocking to experience based movements. The authority and relevance of the Bible is being tossed with the bath water of failed religious experience.

The world is starving for the genuine article. We have an unprecedented opportunity to lift up the Savior and watch men and women be drawn to him in a way we have never before seen. Not everyone is looking to earn their way into heaven or excuse their sinfulness. Many deeply desire a better way but simply do not know what that way is. The failure for multitudes to find lasting peace and satisfaction is instigating a precious search for truth.

The craving of every honest searching soul, whether they realize it or not is for the God described in Scripture. A God who loves perfectly, with patience and abundant mercy. A God who provides a real solution to our selfishness and promises to put an end to plague of sin once and for all. This is the God we know on paper, but as we come to trust this God and walk by faith with him, we will be the very force for good that this world so desperately needs. 

There are priceless pearls God has entrusted to Seventh-day Adventists that are intended to reveal a God too beautiful to resist for all who would look and live. They have been largely buried beneath legalism, controversy, and a mere intellectual assent to truths which have yet to be fully mined. We have grown numb to the value of our own message and have failed to receive further light. The insight and understanding God desires to bestow upon us will not be received until we stop pretending we have arrived and humble acknowledge our desperate condition. 

What I love about the our Family here in Buford is that we share a hunger to make a difference. We desire to be relevant to the world we live in through tangible acts of mercy. As I see the fertile ground we stand upon I am not ignorant of our shortcomings but I am overwhelmed by the desire God has blessed us with to know him and his will for our lives. Believe God has something precious in store, because that is simply our Father's nature. In faith let us seek and expect an outpouring of his spirit to more fully comprehend and effectively share his beauty with a starving world.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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