Awareness of His Presence

“Jesus said to her, "Mary." She turned and said to him in Aramaic, "Rabboni!" (which means Teacher).”

John 20:16 ESV

God is always present. Through the Holy Spirit heavenly aid is ever near, but we often fail to recognize this. We sometimes pray for God to be with us as if we have to call him down from heaven to pay attention to us. Our real need is to accept by faith that he is ever near and ready to comfort, guide, and bless us.

When Mary went in search of her Lord that resurrection morning she was heart broken when she learned that his body was no where to be found. But Jesus was right there, ready to call her by name and speak comfort to her troubled soul. We seek God not because he has left us and we must constantly pursue him. In fact it is he that pursues us and initiates every conversation by inspiring us to reach out after him. The essence of our search is simply developing an awareness of his presence. We shut the world out in order to discern his voice speaking to us in his Word. 

Nothing thrills the heart more than discovering that God calls us by name. The more we respond to our Heavenly Father's prompting to be still and meditate on scripture, the more we discover his voice to us. Scripture becomes more than simply objective truth, but it begins to take on a living nature, speaking specifically to our day to day experiences. Clarity, direction, and confidence all grow from quieting ourselves daily to meditate on scripture. 

Step through God's word slowly, chewing on just a few verses at a time. In this way you can keep passages in the mind throughout the day. Not only does this illuminate our thinking with precious insights and encouraging truth, but it keeps us aware that we constantly live in the presence of our savior and friend. Finding God does not require an impressive pilgrimage, only a cultivated awareness of his constant presence. Nothing accomplishes this more effectively than meditating on his word and opening a dialogue with God through prayer.

Still Resting In His Presence,

Pastor Andrew

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