Babylon and the way Out

“My people, go out of the midst of her! And let everyone deliver himself from the fierce anger of the LORD.”

Jeremiah 51:45 NKJV

          Jeremiah prophesied of the day Israel was to be taken captive by Babylon, but he also had a message of hope and deliverance. He declared by the Spirit of the Lord that the day was coming when God would call his children back to the promised land and make a way of escape for them, that they might not be caught up in the demise of the city which set itself up in defiance of his power. In the dramatic language Jeremiah employs, which did not see its fulfillment in the fall of ancient Babylon, we discern an end time prophecy which applies to spiritual Babylon as described in Revelation.

          So just how are we to, "go out of the midst of her?" What does the way out of Babylon look like? If the nature of this false system of worship is the pride of man distorting the glory of God, then humility and a revelation of God's true character are the keys to our deliverance.

           Historically, the demise of Babel's first tower came through the humbling of man's pride when God confused their Languages. What evil men had set out to accomplish in defiance of God was over-ruled and they were forced to abandon their haughty project and come down from its lofty height. The first step out of the delusion of human pride is always down. 

           The pride of the ancient kingdom of Babylon was overcome from beneath when the Medes and Persians came under the walls of the city during a drunken feast. In like manner, the wisdom of our Heavenly Father is manifest. 

          Something profound happens when we realize that God has no pride. He comes to us, in a way, from beneath. Often while caught up in our dreams of greatness we miss him all-together. When we do catch a glimpse of God's meek and lowly heart, it deals a stinging blow to our desire for recognition. When we see our Lord stooping to wash our feet, coming to us as one who serves, our fallen conceptions of greatness begin to melt away.

          It is a revelation of the gentle humble nature of God which, if allowed, can deliver us from the confusion Of Babylon. Yes, the way out of Babylon is always down. As God leads us from the confusing and artificial heights of Babylon's "greatness" we find a place uniquely prepared for us below. A place of service beside our servant King. 

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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