Expelling the Babylon Within

“Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “ ‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues;”

Revelation 18:4 NIV

        What does it mean to "come out of her my people?" Our most natural inclination is to focus on things from the outside in. Many of us grew up being told that as long as we don't dress, eat, or talk like the world then we are safe, but it just isn't that simple. 

          To come out of spiritual Babylon requires an internal transformation, something has to come out of us. The principles which drive Babylon (earth's deluded substitute for trust in God) are familiar to us because they are part of the selfish nature we were born with. God's work in our lives must move far beyond externals in order to deliver us from the bondage of self.

          Learning to love and trust God, the only way out of spiritual delusion, will eventually impact everything about us, including how we dress and what we eat. This, however, is not meant to be our great focus. When our energy is wholly invested in knowing and trusting Jesus day by day and moment by moment, internal and external transformation happen in a natural and healthy way.

          Coming "out of her" only happens as we learn to trust and depend upon God for everything. It means allowing God in his way and timing to address both our internal and external issues. God wants us to look, think, feel, and act like him, but the only way to come into such an experience is to trust him in the daily baby steps he is calling us to make by faith. God is faithful to complete what he has started and when he has finished his work Babylon will be defeated from the inside out in the life of every one of his precious children.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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