Humble Honest Bravery

“...we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,”

Ephesians 4:15b ESV

          We all have to fight the influence culture and tradition has upon the way we see things. Apart from God's Word we have no other unbiased source of truth. To allow God's perspective to shape us and how we think requires honesty and humility. If we are to follow our Father's voice which is always calling us up higher then we must always be willing to re-evaluate our opinions.

          This is exactly what people who become Adventist have to do. It takes honesty and bravery to look into God's word for oneself and realize that Saturday is the Sabbath or that God does not torture individuals forever in hell. The entirety of these doctrines are full of God's love and ultimately strengthen our ability to understand and trust our creator but accepting a new paradigm can be extremely difficult. Before the beauty of a new doctrinal understanding can impact us considerable bravery and humble honesty must be exercised to consider one's current perspective may be deficient.

          It is not wrong for us to ask those considering joining our movement to come to brave and honest conclusions about God. What is wrong is for us to be unwilling to do the same. In all fairness we can't ask of others what we refuse to do ourselves. We may understand which day God set aside as holy or what happens when we die, but God is not finished shining light upon our path. I believe we would be a much more relevant and healthy people if we were ever before the throne Seeking God's will for us and in His Word Seeking a deeper understanding of the gospel commission.

          The Seventh-day Adventist movement must continue to move. We must understand our heritage and be willing and able to relevantly apply our unique commission to the 21ft century. This requires that we do not take anything for granted, everything we do which is not a direct, "Thus sayeth the Lord," is safe to be re-evaluated and if possible, better methods should be adapted to impact our contemporary mission field. And regarding those revelations from God's word which launched us into existence, we need an ever deepening understanding of them that we might indeed shine brighter until that perfect day.

          Let us demonstrate the same humility and honest bravery we require of those who join our movement. Only then will we be able to lift Jesus up higher and higher for more and more of the world to see.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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