Life is a Relationship

“And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” John 17:3 ESV

The closing hours of Christ's earthly ministry were marinated in the language of trusting relationship. Christ declares the secret to something beyond the life on loan which currently upholds our world. Christ's prayer served as a climactic conclusion to his instruction and in it he strips bare the heart of salvation. We discern here in Christ's prayer that knowing God and being known by him are not simply a means to an end, they are everything. Life is revealed not as a prize to be won but as an inevitable consequence of being connected to the Father. Jesus entire mission is summarized in John 17 as coming into the world to reconcile men to a correct knowledge and connection with the Father. 

It is essential to define eternal life as a connection with the father rather than a prize to be earned, yet we must not stop here. We must ask the all important question; how do we come to know God and his Son the way John 17:3 reveals we must? The Adventist mind at this point often struggles, after all, how can we fail to grasp something when we have been told we all the answers? It is a humbling thing to come to terms with the possibility that amidst all of our ''answers" we could still be among the walking dead. There is no substitute for life eternal coursing through our veins. How well we are capable of scoring on a religious exam may not be the best indicator of our spiritual health. 

Something beautiful happens when biblical truths move from mere theory into our actual experience. While the enemy of our souls labors desperately to smother us with the "safety blanket" of our doctrinal knowledge, God is working to infuse the information we have received with the insight of a genuine connection to him. Until what we can prove from scripture makes us more loving, the world will continue to find what we have to say irrelevant. Continue placing your relationship with God first and you will find beautiful practical truths about God's love inside every Adventist doctrine.

Still Seeking His Face.

Pastor Andrew

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