More than Life on Loan

“And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” John 17:3 ESV

Confession is a wonderful thing. Rather than an itemized process which clears us of each of our sins as they are individually identified, confession simply refers to honesty. Because eternal life is a relationship, honesty and trust are the absolute bedrocks of our heavenly connection. Every positive step begins with surrendering to the gentle advances of a loving God who presents us with our honest condition and the solution of his presence.

What does it take to come to know God? In short, it takes our choice. We are surrounded by evidence of God. Yet evidence doesn't benefit us until we choose to believe what it reveals. While the burden of our salvation is entirely upon God, the choice to believe this gift has been made available only we can make. The ball is in our court every day. God declares what he is to us in a thousand different ways, our side of the relationship is to take him at his word. Faith in essence is the power to believe whatever we choose. This power functions independent of emotions or apparent circumstance. God gives us the power through faith to discover evidence unseen that is more sure than the physical world around us. 

The above revelation should cause us to shift the emphasis of our devotions from obtaining information to believing God's self-revelation. What does this look like? It is most effectively manifested in praising God in word, song, journal, and conversation for who he says he is. Praise in its purest form is meditating upon who God is and what it is about his nature that drives him to love us the way he does. And we can do this in spite of what we feel or perceive about God in the world around us. Amazingly in so doing we discover that our perception of the world and our emotions have no choice but to follow suit. 

Eternal life is more than the breathe in our nostrils and it is not an object to be grasped but a God to be discovered. Life comes only from a knowledge of the one true God, our flawed concepts are a deadly substitute. No person, emotion, or circumstance can rob us of the power to believe.

           Our fallen world is in the truest sense the habitation of countless walking corpses. Christ reveals in his definition of life a second chance for all who desire the life which was lost that fateful day in Eden. It was a breach of relationship which doomed the human race and it will be a choice to believe what our earthly parents failed to believe about the Father that will reconnect us with the source of all life. 

          No longer do the redeemed rely upon life on loan, for them they have the life-giving blood of their father coursing through their veins. As a result of this, God's children are not overcome by the bite of death which maligns God's heart of infinite love. Better still, those who choose to accept by faith the reality of God's perfect love powerfully impact their world. When the redeem feel the bite of death they have the gift of God's grace which  allows them to advance upon the darkness spreading light in every direction.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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