Sanctuary 2

“I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory.”

Psalm 63:2 NIV

This side of heaven, all of our questions will not be answered, but some of our questions must be. No one understands this better than God himself. In his word he has left us with answers to our most fundamental questions. 

Where did we come from, why do we exist, is there hope beyond the grave? Whether consciously or unconsciously, these are questions we all have. Scripture reveals a God who created us in love for the purpose of fellowship and intimacy with himself and each other. The Sabbath is a memorial to God as our loving creator, and to relationship for the purpose of our existence. Sabbath is a perpetual sanctuary in time during which we can call to mind the gift of life, its purpose, and the glory and love of its author.

Scripture reveals to us that the beauty of our earthly parent's communion with their creator was interrupted. The cancer of sin entered our world through a breach of trust. The human race swallowed a lie that their creator was not the all-loving Father he claimed to be. Though the folly of their decision was quickly discerned, having given earth's dominion into the hands of the enemy humanity appeared eternally doomed.

Scripture goes on to reveal that all hope was not lost. God's mercy and wisdom were not caught off guard, a plan devised from the foundation of the world was placed into action which would make man's reconciliation with God possible. This same plan, we are told, will culminate in the complete eradication of sin, death, and suffering for all eternity. In a revelation of perfect mercy and justice God will redeem men, and call to account those responsible for bringing the horrors of sin into the universe.

The story of redemption, the complete triumph of righteousness, and the eternal demise of evil, are beautifully displayed in the services of the Jewish tabernacle. The story of this earthly sanctuary was a glimpse into the center of the universe, the very throne room of God. It is a picture of how God is accomplishing our redemption. This reality is what birthed the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is through this Heavenly window into God's love and mercy that every founding pillar of our faith was established.

What began with a most precious hope of Christ's return would have ended in bitter disappointment had not a faithful few refused to give up hope. That first glimpse into the Heavenly Sanctuary served to deepen their faith and began the establishment of a message which would lay a sure foundation for those facing earth's final crisis. 

The message of the Heavenly sanctuary is one of hope, clarity, comfort, and closure. As we spend time this week considering the precious truths which have been entrusted to us, let us pray that we are impressed by their significance even more deeply than those to whom they were first revealed. Pray that we are able to pick up the chain of truth and continue to walk into greater light and more useful service.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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