Taking Blessings for Granted

“Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.”

Jude 1:3 ESV

How often it is that we fail to appreciate what we have. The more privileged we are the easier it is to take for granted and fail to benefit from our advantages. Something very sad has happened among Adventists in relation to a number of precious gifts God has entrusted to us. Not only have many failed to benefit from unique advantages God desires to bless us with, some of these very gifts have become a source of hurt and confusion. 

One such unique element of our DNA has been what is often referred to as our "health message." God's intention was to bring life and strength to his children, but over time legalism and extremes have caused many to stand far off from any attempt at health reform. Another precious advantage God has sought to bestow upon us is a depth of insight into prophetic portions of scripture, particularly those dealing with the very days we are living in. Sadly, a failure on behalf of influential people to maintain Christ at the center of prophetic teaching has turned multitudes off to a study of essential portions of the Bible.

Time and time again I find that the world is hungry for the very things many of us have been burned out on. Insights into healthy living and an in-depth knowledge of who God is and what he has been up to throughout history are subjects of deep interest outside our communion. Part of helping swell the cry of mercy which is to encompass the globe will require a rediscovery of our own heritage. Our heritage as a people of constantly searching after further light yet also fully embracing the light which a has already been made manifest. 

Ask God to help you come to terms with the hurt you may have experienced which might be blinding you to precious gifts God desires to bless you with. God can create fresh associations for you and the concept of health reform. Where you once only sensed guilt and condemnation God can plant hope and inspire progress. The same is true for those who are tired of hearing about prophecy. Let God expand your vision of this gift. Doom, gloom, and fear were never what God intended to communicate through the books of Daniel and Revelation. Hope, deliverance, and victory are the messages which lie at the heart of all scripture, prophecy included. Let God reveal himself afresh to you and reawaken within you the priceless heritage of our faith. 

Still Seeking a His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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