The Great Exchange 1

“Then everyone came whose heart was stirred, and everyone whose spirit was willing, and they brought the LORD’s offering for the work of the tabernacle of meeting, for all its service, and for the holy garments.”

Exodus 35:21 NKJV

Are we fully invested in the process of the great exchange, the exchanging of our earthly resources for Heavenly gain? God gives us the ability and opportunity to make money. God desires our financial resources to be a great blessing to us. In order for this to take place, however, our resources must primarily be a source for blessing others, yet we do not engage this great exchange for others only. Ultimately our own soul's salvation depends upon how we invest or fail to invest in eternity. No one can buy heaven, but many are selling their souls for earthly treasure. 

The best protection from the love of money is to continually increase our investment in eternity. But the joy of giving does not come from giving for our own sake, it comes from realizing our giving tangibly impacts eternity for others. 

Many of us have mastered the art of living to the edge of our means. As a result it sometimes seems impossible to dedicate a consistent portion of our income for that which is of eternal significance. It is not difficult to conjure up a hefty guilt trip for where God exists among our financial priorities, but this is not how our Lord works. Our Heavenly Father looks upon us with infinite compassion, he knows how confused and easily distracted we are financially, yet he gently calls us up higher. With a smile of love which melts every heart beholding it, God's mighty arm is stretched out to deliver us from the empty promises of materialism. 

If we will look full into his wonderful face He will tenderly awaken within us a desire to give back to him that which he has entrusted to us. God is not asking us to give until it hurts, but to give beyond the point of pain. If we only give until it hurts we will be filled with regret and bitterness. God wants us to experience the joy and blessing of giving and this requires us to give beyond the point of pain. God desires us to give until it feels good. Do not give just enough to silence a guilty conscience. God wants us to catch the vision for that which he wants to accomplish through our gifts for the salvation of souls, ours included.

The amount we must give for our affections to be delivered from earthly treasure is significant, it will directly correspond to how much our hearts have become bound to prosperity in this life. For the rich young ruler it was everything he had. We don't have to walk away sorrowfully, by faith accept that Jesus is all the treasure you will ever need. Experience the joy of giving and give beyond the point of pain until your heart rejoices in the treasure of Jesus. 

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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