The Great Exchange 2

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:21 ESV

    How can we tell when our Christian experience is moving beyond culture and into a life dominating commitment? Are you ready to honestly ask some tough questions? How are we investing our time and money? For those brave enough to ask, what do we do if these honest indicators reveal that God is an afterthought and not a priority?

    One of the greatest deliverances God will bring his children through before the end, is the deliverance from worldly prosperity. God invites us into the Great Exchange, the exchanging of earthly treasure for heavenly gain, not for his sake, but ours. God's intended way to break the hold our prosperity has upon us is to invest it in eternity. 

    For some the love of what this life has to offer is the main wedge between their heart and the Father's. Giving alone, however, is not enough. The rich young ruler was not only asked to exchange his treasure, Jesus invited him into an intimate fellowship bidding him, "follow me." God can not be bought, but how we invest our treasure can be a step of faith into relationship. 

    We are promised that we will find him when we search with all our heart. Scripture says our heart and treasure occupy the same space, so investing in the Great Exchange means giving our heart as well as our time and money. The beauty about any step of faith we take is that every step after the initial ones are downhill. Establishing a daily quiet time may be difficult at first, but soon our conversation with our Heavenly Father takes on a life of its own and no one can induce us to give up what becomes the most meaningful moments of our day. The same is true financially. A commitment to giving, when it is actuated by faith, brings joy and freedom Infinitely outweighing the value of our investment.

    If we ask God can give us new eyes through which to view our resources. This world simply cannot pay heavenly dividends. Ask God to reveal to you today how by faith he is calling you to invest in eternity.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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