The unspeakable Refusal

“Who shall not fear, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy; for all the nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy righteous acts have been made manifest.”

Revelation 15:4 

What is worship and why do we do it? Worship is the action of placing our focus and admiration in a particular direction. The act of worship is inescapable, we all worship something. Life depends upon placing our attention and affection upon that which is worthy. The entire Great Controversy hinges upon the question of who is worthy of worship. How each of us decide this question determines whether or not we receive the protective seal of God or the mark of the beast.

The first Angel of revelation 14 declares that God alone is worthy of worship. The enemy of our souls argues that God is no more worthy of worship than the rest of us. Who is right, and what determines one's worthiness to receive worship? Throughout Revelation the declaration is made that God alone is worthy to receive glory and honor and power. The rationale scripture gives for God's worthiness is twofold. Scripture tells us that God's very nature sets him apart as worthy. God is the creator, the source of all life. More than his uniqueness as the author of life, The Bible tells us that God is worthy because he laid down his life on behalf of sinful men. These two realities, God's authorship of life and his self-giving love make him worthy. 

Those who receive the seal of God are those who in their heart of hearts have concluded that God is good and worthy of our worship. These have determined to respond to God's self-giving love with a mutual surrender of their own lives to his benevolent care. Those who receive the mark of the beast are those who refused to acknowledge the goodness of God. This class will not allow the blood of their creator to wash away their sin for they refuse to acknowledge their need of redemption. God's seal represents a surrender to omnipotent love and care, the beast's mark a determined effort at self-salvation. 

As absurd as it sounds, all who are lost come to eternal destruction because they consistently refused the advances of perfect love. We are all born clinging to the edge of eternity and God is doing everything in his power to pull us to safety. May we cooperate with love's efforts to deliver us! 

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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