The Worth of Christ Part 4

“...the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord...” Philippians 3:8 ESV

        “Knowing Christ Jesus," Paul declares that it is the beginning and ending of all that is valuable in his life. We have discovered that through knowing Jesus we find both salvation and freedom from sin. But what does it mean to know Him? How do we go about obtaining this knowledge? These vital questions lead us back to where we began, “Faith.” When God draws us to himself He presents to us what His Word reveals about His Son. We are challenged to by faith accept things we have yet to fully experience or see. 

Following our initial step of faith to believe that Jesus is all he promises to be, we immediately began to taste of God’s goodness and discover for ourselves the truthfulness of His love. It is by faith that we are ever to grow into a deeper and deeper knowledge of Christ. Likewise the deeper we come to know our Lord the greater evidence we find upon which to ground our faith.

        To effectively grow into an intimate knowledge of God we must approach His word with the ultimate goal of discovering more about His goodness. The temptation of our flesh is to study God’s word as the pharisees did. They searched the scriptures to find their own way to heaven. We can't afford to approach God’s word with motives other than seeking to humbly grow in our knowledge of the greatness of our God. Puffing ourselves up with knowledge will leave us clinging to rubbish as our means of salvation. 

As we genuinely seek to know God we will discover things far greater than simply a get out of hell free card. We find value, meaning, and fellowship as we come to understand God’s love for us. We find freedom from the bondage of sin and freedom from selfishness. We discover peace, joy, and a desire to bring others into the surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord. We enter into this knowledge by choosing to believe, we remain in this knowledge because we discover it to be more real than we could have possibly hoped or imagined.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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