Worth of Christ Part 2

So then, those who are of faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith.”

Galatians 3:9 ESV

        In my study on faith I have sought to understand the nuts and bolts of it. The following definition for Faith I have found particularly helpful. “Faith is the exercising of the will to act upon what God’s Word reveals to be true.” In the light of the Great Controversy God’s Word ultimately communicates the goodness of God. It vindicates God from the accusation of satan by revealing God’s heart which is most clearly demonstrated through the cross. Each time I choose to act on faith I am choosing to believe that God is good and satan is a liar. When tempted we are faced with the choice to believe God is good and his Word is true, or indulge in unbelief and join with the enemy in casting the blame for our sin upon our Creator.

        Understanding that faith is a choice is crucial. Often we confuse faith with a feeling or a state of mind which is completely free from doubt. Ultimately our faith or our unbelief is revealed by the choices we make. If while feeling depressed and hopeless you choose to praise God you are exercising faith. When you feel temptation is more than you can bear faith resists unto blood claiming the promise that God’s grace is sufficient and God will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear. When your prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling, faith perseveres in prayer, claiming the promise that we can at all times boldly come before the throne of grace. After yielding to temptation your feelings tell you to keep running from God, but faith says Christ is immediately willing to forgive and pull you up out of the miry clay.

        The apparent contradiction is that faith often feels unnatural. Coming to God for help and forgiveness in the midst of our shame is indeed painful, but doing so is acting upon the promises of God. We struggle believing God can forgive us when our feelings condemn us, but God has promised us that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and we must allow this truth to motivate us to action. Feelings are fleeting and often a faulty guide. The Word of God, however, will never lead us astray.

        Now that we have established that faith is a choice to believe what God says, what does it mean to have faith in Jesus, and how does that produce righteousness? Well, what does the Word of God say about Christ? It reveals Him as our crucified and risen redeemer. Essentially God’s word reveals to the sinner that Jesus is their all-in-all. By faith we claim the promises in God’s word that we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus. Likewise by faith we overcome sin and live holy lives by claiming God’s promise to deliver us from evil and set us free from the bondage of sin. In other words, it is by faith in Jesus that we receive both redemption and transformation into His likeness.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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