Feet in a Snare

“My eyes are ever on the LORD, for only he will release my feet from the snare.”

Psalm 25:15 NIV

How many exhausting years must we spend trying to free ourselves before acknowledging our helplessness? The good news is that while we are incapable of freeing ourselves, we are capable of getting to know the one who can. Even with our feet bound we can engage in a conversation. Yes Jesus enters our muck and is always within reach, his pursuit of us is more durable than we realize. He is eager to engage us in the kind of dialogue which builds trust. As he earns our trust and wins our heart he is also delivering us from the sins which do so easily beset us.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate how Jesus delivers us from sin is to inject some creative license into the passage above. The snare we are caught in has us more than simply immobilized. Sin distorts our perspective much like a helpless victim hanging upside down over a precipice. 

This fallen world is a treacherous place and countless souls have stepped into vices which after binding them have turned their world upside down. Jesus, moved with compassion over our helpless condition, climbs out along the limb which holds us fast and hangs beside us. This is to say that our Heavenly Father always meets us just where we are. 

In infinite wisdom Jesus does not immediately cut the rope which is painfully fixed around our ankles. Many are furious with him for this very reason, yet they are blinded to the true nature of their situation. If our loving Savior cuts us loose before winning our trust we will certainly perish. If we are delivered from the pain and natural consequences of our sin without first grasping the hand of our Savior we would slip out of redemption's reach. 

As strange as it may appear Jesus’ first intention is to develop a relationship with us. While suffering from the excruciating pain of sin all we want is relief, but Jesus has something greater to offer us. Jesus has eternity in mind and in order to bless us with this he needs to cleanse us from the inside out. If we will choose to trust him amidst our pain he will become more satisfying to us than the sin we cling to.

The unconscious timeline we had in mind regarding our victory over sin when we began our journey with Christ must be relinquished. We have one responsibility, one duty, one calling and that is to Seek His Face. If we will persevere in this we will find every deliverance we ever desired and infinitely more. 

It is when our eyes are on Jesus that he is able to do that which he alone can accomplish. Jesus is working to release our heart and feet from the snare of sin, we are helpless to do either. Instead of fighting battles that belong to the Lord, let us turn our attention to his beautiful face every day. We do this by faith, it is our entire responsibility.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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