Jesus edged out by Tradition

“He said to them, “ All too well you reject the commandment of God, that you may keep your tradition.”

Mark 7:9 NKJV

          Seventh-Day Adventists have a unique relationship with God’s law. At a time in earth’s history when God’s law was largely believed to be done away with, our pioneers found beauty and permanence in God’s perfect law of love. God granted precious revelations to our founders to better understand the issues at play in the Great Controversy between this law and the enemy’s law of self interest.


          At some point, however, God’s law became to us more than a revelation of Jesus’s heart, it became a substitute.

This is what happens with God’s law when our first love grows cold. Like the Jews we began to burry God’s law under the traditions of men.


          During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s a precious revival took place among us which sought to restore Christ to pre-eminence. The effects of this revival were far-reaching yet the effects of the legalism it sought to correct can still be felt.

          The legalism of one generation led to the spiritual apathy and indifference of the next, but this need not be the case. We have before us the open arms of Jesus. If we will seek him first by faith, we will find precious comfort in his embrace. We have not missed our chance to lift Jesus up before the world, but first we must discover him for ourselves.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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