It’s not the length of the list

And this is eternal life, that they might know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. John 17:3

          Legalism is a chameleon and as long as life is more about our freedom or it’s lack than it is about Him, then we are still under the law. 

          Some think they are Holy because of how long their to-do-list is, others think they are Holy because of how short it is. If we keep pursuing Christ as our only hope eventually the list fades from view altogether.

          And this is eternal life, that we might KNOW HIM... the knowledge of Christ’s character is what it is all about. A Holy God who is altogether worthy of our love only gives out lists to those who don’t know him. 

          His heart longs to see his children exchange their lists for a revelation of his heart. We receive this through faith, the choice to believe he is all he claims to be.

          We have not truly thrown off Legalism until we shift from a behavioral focus to a relational one. The King of glory wants your heart because he knows he alone can satisfy it. He is no taskmaster nor is he an excuse for sin. He is love incarnate and there is healing in his embrace.

Still Seeking His Face,

Pastor Andrew

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